I Heart Faces | Black

For this week’s photo challenge I chose this photo I took last week when my son was staring at the fire during a pumpkin carving competition which we won with our two entries :)   I loved the light reflecting on my son’s face and hence the shot.


Fireworks night in Brooklands

Happy Halloween!! | Weybridge children photographer

Run to the Beat 2011 | London Half Marathon photography

Last Sunday I  went for the first time to the Millennium Dome – now the O2 Arena – as I took part in the London Half Marathon.  I didn’t do any running though but I was part of the team that photographed the 17,000 participants that run the 13.1 miles in East London accompanied along the way by great music in 12 stages set up just for them. It is a great event to be part of so please visit Run to the Beat website for more information. A few photos below to share with you.


Christening in West Byfleet

This is the beautiful baby Gabriella who was Christened last weekend and I had the pleasure to photograph her amazing big blue eyes. It was a lovely day for her family and friends and here are some of my favorite pics.

The Windsor Triathlon 2011

Last weekend I went to work at another event of the 2011 British Triathlon Super Series. Got to lovely Windsor very early in the morning and after a few hours of sunshine the hard rain and cold wind got there to stay for the rest of the day.  This didn’t make things easy for competitors but it was still a great day out.

Competitors after swimming course running to get their bikes


Windsor Castle as the perfect background for the run track

Lois Rosindale was crowned as British Elite Female Champion

1st Birthday Cake Smash

Not much needed to say here. The story board says it all!

The Blenheim Triathlon 2011

This weekend was a very busy one as I was for two long days photographing the competitors at the Blenheim Triathlon.  It was very exciting to be part of the second biggest triathlon of the UK and I was also lucky to be able to see F1 Driver Jenson Button and Olympic Athlete Iwan Thomas after they crossed the finishing line. Here are some of my favourite shots of competitors and celebrities.

Race for life | Cancer Research

Working for a day for a local sport events photography company I went to photograph the ladies taking part in the Race for Life – Battersea Park 2011.  It was a great experience to see all the amazing volunteers and supporters of Cancer Research  – this event alone brought together around 4000 women!  So I truly believe in “Together we’ll beat Cancer”.  Here is a preview of some of my photos on the day. If you’d also like to take part and help cancer research please visit www.raceforlife.org


Afrocaribe is a dance group that has taken part in Colombia’s largest annual celebration – The Carnival of Barranquilla – since 1995 and has around 180 members. After months of preparation the musicians and dancers of Afrocaribe, some as young as 4 years old, come out to show their passion and talent throughout the 4 days of festivities.


I was lucky enough to get close to them during makeup and follow them on one of their parades. It was great to share in the excitement of getting ready and really have to admire them for keeping going in searing midday temperatures of 40ºC wearing costumes that can be very heavy.


So far they’ve won 12 prizes at the event that is second only to the Rio Carnival in terms of size and really stood out from the rest of the groups in my (totally unbiased) opinion! :)  Check out the full gallery here