Afrocaribe is a dance group that has taken part in Colombia’s largest annual celebration – The Carnival of Barranquilla – since 1995 and has around 180 members. After months of preparation the musicians and dancers of Afrocaribe, some as young as 4 years old, come out to show their passion and talent throughout the 4 days of festivities.


I was lucky enough to get close to them during makeup and follow them on one of their parades. It was great to share in the excitement of getting ready and really have to admire them for keeping going in searing midday temperatures of 40ºC wearing costumes that can be very heavy.


So far they’ve won 12 prizes at the event that is second only to the Rio Carnival in terms of size and really stood out from the rest of the groups in my (totally unbiased) opinion! :)  Check out the full gallery here



Barranquilla’s Carnival

At the beginning of March this year I had the opportunity to go to Colombia and be part of the country’s biggest carnival held in Barranquilla city. The carnival lasts for four days and there are festivities all around town for all ages and  budgets.  I have chosen a few of my favorite pics taken during one of the parades where the children were the stars of the day.

Arhuaco Tribe

During my short stay in Colombia, I was lucky to meet a family of Arhuacos – a native American ethnic group from Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta. There are around 9000 of Arhuacos left and they all live in the upper valleys of the rivers in northern Colombia. When I saw them I knew I had to have a photo as not very often you get a chance to get this close to them in town. I love the little girl’s expression and she was nice enough to smile for me.